Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giveaway Alert!

Over here at an awesome blog, she is giving away a swag collection of various items!

There's a few ways to get entries so hop on over there and get to it so you can have a chance at winning some awesome stuff!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cheap Kid Entertainment

So my daughter has been expressing that she would like to do more crafty things (she's 3 1/2 now) and I find when I let her do these things she's calm, quiet, and listens to me.

We've painted with washable paints TONS:
And I had tons of lunch bags from a craft fair I did so I cut 2 and then taped them together since we were running low on white paper (plus she then gets to actually use the white paint and it shows up)

Well last night I wanted to try play-doh with her.  She had some we had stashed above the fridge in a box that came with some other toys with it. When I opened the box I found one cup of it had fallen out and was hard as a rock and the other batch was seriously dried out as well.  Well she was content with painting most of the night and so i was determined tonight to try and make Homemade Play-doh.

Once Alex went to sleep I looked up a recipe and although VERY vague to me I figured I'd try it because with the comments many people had said it went well and I knew I had everything it needed already in the house.


1 c. flour
1 c. boiling water
2 tbsp. cream of tartar
1/2 c. salt
1 tbsp. oil
Food coloring
Mix and knead together. This playdoh is not sticky and does not dry out.
She was so excited to mix it.

I used 1 packet of Kool-aid instead of food coloring since someone had said it made it smell nice, and we had tons since I only use the clear kind for the kids to actually drink. After pouring in the boiling water I stirred it...I didn't know if this was what I was suppose to do or not and after I poured in the oil I added more flour and just kinda rolled it into balls and added flour as needed to the parts I was working with in my hands.
I then gave her cookie cutters

Then just out of curiosity I tasted it, since I knew eventually my son would take a bite out of it....let me just say it tasted like I had taken a huge mouthful of seawater....so salty!  The final test will be to see if it actually doesn't dry out though.

This was an awesomely cheap craft to do with my daughter and if it dries out it's fine I'm not out a lot of money at all!

If you have fun and creative crafts you do with your little ones feel free to email pictures and recipes to monikarclark@yahoo.com


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A blur

   ***This is a picture I caught the night that Joplin got hit with the F4 tornado*** (5/22)

Well living in tornado alley you have to expect tornadoes every spring/summer. Well even knowing this I still didn't expect them, always being naive thinking they would never be this bad.  After seeing Joplin, MO get demolished by a F4 tornado I was freaking out as were others.  We live in a modular home, which is a total no-no during tornadoes. So with 2 small kids my husband I were scrambling, well to be honest just me as he was playing xbox the whole time...I KNOW RIGHT. In his defense he was born and raised in this so he's use to it.

I wish I had thought to take pictures of the outside sky but I was too terrified and too scatter brained to even think about it. Our local community building was opened for residents who had no other form of shelter as this building withstood the tornado that hit back in 1942 I believe(where as it wiped the rest of the downtown out).  So right before the storms really hit Tulsa, OK we headed there. It was hot and sorta crowded but I can't thank the men from the Mayes County Emergency Management enough for opening the building and giving us updates as they got them.  I felt safe there during the storm.  Luckily we were missed by any tornadoes.  So a little freaked and with tired kids (around 9:30pm) we headed home.

On a separate altogether subject, I have been overwhelmed with coupons that I can't/won't use so I started using my favorite website for coupon trading again, couponmom.com
I am literally sending someone $20. That's what these coupons will pay for if they use them $20! I am getting coupons that I will use out of this, so this is a WIN-WIN for me.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Homeland Ad 5/25-5/31

Meat Coupons
-Hormel $1.00/1 need to register
RRR coupon is not on their website anymore as of today (5/23)

Oscar Mayer Wieners, Meat Bologna, or Cotto Salami 16oz 2/$3
-$1/2 5/15 SS(hotdogs)

12pk Pepsi-Diet Pepsi or Mt. Dew (Limit 5) 5/$13 ***Good deal***
They come out to be $2.60 each!

Kraft American Cheese Singles 12oz $1.59
-$1.00/2 (Homeland Fundraiser Book)

Blue Bell Ice Cream-Half Gallon or 12pk cups $3.99
-$1.00/1 Half gallon  must join the website

-Kraft Mayo or Reg or Light Miracle Whip 30oz 2/$5
-$1/2 5/15 SS

-Kraft Salad Dressings 14-16oz 3/$5
-$1.50/2 5/15 SS

Chinet Casual Plates 2/$5
-$0.55/1 4/17 SS

Hefty 30ct Easy Grip Cups $2.19
-$0.55/2 5/22 RP

Raynolds Aluminum Foil 35-75ft $3.49
-$1/1 4/17 SS (Would have to use on 75ft)
=$1.49/1 75ft

Vlasic Pickles 16-32oz 2/$4

Hormel Chili 4/$5
-$0.55/2 5/8 SS

Mt. Olive Sweet Relish 10z $0.99
-$0.50/1 4/17 SS

Lawry's Marinades or Seasoned Salt 14-16oz 2/$4
-$0.50/1 Spice Blend or Marinade 5/15 RP

Johnsonville Fresh Brats or Italian Sausage $3.99
-$1/1 Italian Sausage

Velveeta 32oz $4.89
-$1.00/1 (Homeland Fundraiser Book)

Edwards Singles 2/$4
-$1/1 4/10 SS

Zatarain's Dinners $2.49
-$1/2 4/17 RP

Lipton Family Size Tea Bags 2/$3 24ct
-$1.00/1 (Homeland Fundraiser Book)
-$0.40/1 5/22 RP

Aquafresh Iso Toothpaste $3.69
-$1/1 5/15/ RP

Keebler Town House or Club Crackers $1.99

Busy Day

Well after last nights storms this morning was a rush of gathering information to inform everyone about what had happened.  89 people have lost their lives in the tornado that hit Joplin, MO.  This being fairly close to us people are rushing to donate items, time, and blood now. So I spent the morning finding about a local drop spot for donations and calling Red Cross to find out about their donation spots because they were said to be short (less than a days supply) of ONeg blood.

My breakfast this morning was:
*Dr. Pepper inside the cup*

On top of all that my kids were both awake and running around screaming and I instead of losing it kept my patience and dealt with it without freaking out and having an anxiety attack like normal.  I was able to start laundry, feed them, organize stuff and inform people online about events for the donations etc.

Then it starts to rain here and I'm eagerly waiting my mail lady to deliver the mail so I can rescue it from the rain. Finally I hear her coming down the road and rush out to get my mail:

I got my CoinStar Bag from a FB offer they had. Earthbound Farm Organic has a quiz about Organic farming on their website and if you get all the questions correct you get a $1.00/1 coupon, so I got that in the mail as well as a "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER" bumper sticker and a PUR water sample to do an experiment with that I plan on trying later.

I got my local Homeland ad today and plan on doing a match-up in between the kids playing, eating, and my cleaning and laundry tasks that I WANT to get done. We shall see how much actually does get done.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shopping Trips 5/20

So today being Friday I kinda expected it to be crowded but it's always a surprise to see the masses when you actually see them and the lines. I made my trip to Wal-mart for my price matches (this is almost as good as using coupons for me)

 1-Angel Soft 18dbl rolls-$8.96=$8.96
1-Plastic Storage thingy-$8.67=$8.67
1-Cottonelle wipes-$2.87-Coupon for free(From their fb)=FREE
2-Spam $2.29(Price Matched for $1.99)=$3.98
2-15oz Country Crock Butter $1.98(Price Matched Dollar General for 2/$3-Coupon for $0.40/1 x2=$2.20
3-82oz Bleach $1.98 (Price Matched Target for 3/$5)=$5.00
1-Bic Soleil Razors $4.27(Price Matched May's Drugwarehouse for $3.99)-Coupon for $3.00/1=$0.99

Saved:$6.29 16% Savings
***Buying this much bleach at one time was well worth it because it will last me at least 6-9 months***

Ok now while in Homeland when I was picking up my meat I noticed another couponer there and asked her if she knew about the new coupon policy they were enforcing and I explained it to her.  She was very greatful as she had planned on doing 2 transactions and thanked me because had I not told her she "woulda made a fool outta herself" were her words. This was the first time I took advantage of all the meat coupons out there and was really happy about it.

1-RRR Steaks $8.42-Coupon for $1.00/1 (Doubled)=$6.42
1-Hormel Porkchops $10.03-Coupon for $1.00/1(Doubled)=$8.03
1-Pilgrims Boneless Skinless Breast $5.91 -Coupon $1.00/1(Doubled)=$3.91
5-12oz Bologna $5.00=$5.00
2-16oz Bar-S Hotdogs $1.49-Coupon $1/2= $0.98/2
2-Borden Shredded Cheese 2/$4=$4.00
5-Always Save(store brand) mac n cheese $0.39=$1.95
2-Sugar $2.79(Raincheck for 2/$3.98-Coupon for $0.50x2(Doubled)=$1.98/2
1-Dozen Eggs $0.99-Raincheck discount $0.50=$0.49
1-Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter $1.99-Coupon for $0.50(Doubled)=$0.99
1-On Cor Salisbury Steak Entree $1.99=$1.99
1-State Fair Corn dog bite thingies $2.99-Coupon for $1.00(Doubled)=$0.99
3-Tony's Pizza $1.00-coupon for $0.50(Doubled)=$2.00/3
2-Edy's Shake things $2.00-coupon $1.00(Doubled)=FREE
1-Zest 3pk $1.99-Coupon for $1.00=FREE

Saved: $35.18 48% Savings

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wal-mart Haul 5/18

3-Boxes of Capncrunch $3.00(Price Matched Walgreens for $1.75)-Coupon for $0.50=$3.75
2-Half Gallon Milk $2.27(They wouldn't price match the Walgreens ad because it just said MILK not a brand)
3-Breakfast Packs $2.98-Coupon for $1.00=$5.94
2-Cherry Coke-Coupon for $1.25-Coupon for $1.00=$1.50
2-Simliac Spit Up Formula $3.84-Coupon for $5.00=Free +$2.32overage
1-Box of Whales (Generic for Goldfish) $1.84=$1.84
4-3pk Ivory $0.97-Coupon for $1.00=Free+$0.12overage
5-Reach Floss $0.88-Coupon $1.00=Free+$0.60overage
5-Pert Plus 2-1 Shampoo Trial Size $0.97=Free+$0.15overage

Total before coupons:$56.42
After coupons: $24.12 55% off!

This is the aftermath of the kids finding out that mommy had bought the Whales

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Printable Coupons-How To & Where

                                                *Example of printable coupon*

Ok now that you've got your organization method possibly figured out and you're on your way to gathering those Sunday coupons where else can you get coupons?  Here lies the joy that is Printable Coupons.  Printable coupons are coupons that manufacturers offer online via a mass coupon website or their own company website for printing at home.

****Rules for printable coupons**
-NEVER photocopy or copy a coupon this is fraud!
-Make sure the remit address(the one that the store you're shopping at has to send to to get their money) is legible and all there
-Whole barcode must be intact

Where can you get printable coupons?
-Coupons.com you can type your zip code in the upper right corner to get regional coupons for yourself or enter random real ones for a different variety and sometimes price value coupons.  **Check this often there are random awesome coupons on here**
-Redplum.com is another website you can print coupons off.  These aren't awesome awesome coupons but sometimes it may surprise ya
-Smartsource.com decent coupons where worth checking everyday to see if something new has come up.

Now if you have specific brands you use go to their website and search around to see if they have a promotions tab or link. They sometimes offer games or just plain out give ya a coupon for nothing, which is AWESOME!

Facebook has also become a haven for companies giving coupons out. Sometimes there are only a certain amount and then they are out so if you see a **HURRY** on a post from me over at Deal Searching Mama that means get your fanny to printing!

How can I save on ink?
Normally when printing a coupon you can print up to 3 per sheet of paper from websites like the smartsource.com and the others I used above.  Now when printing single coupons from websites I have found if it just prints one coupon then you can turn it around upside down to print another coupon on the other end so then as not to waste  3/4 of a sheet of paper.  I usually save the scraps that is like 1/4 of paper for my daughter to color on.

Another point is sometimes when printing you get an ad underneath or above the coupon, well above I'm not sure how to solve the problem BUT below once you see the coupon print in full hit cancel on your printer (the physical button cancel on your computer) this will stop the print and save ink.

Printing in Black only

Find your printer que.  Go to the Printer Tab, a drop down menu will come down and you click on Properties.

This screen will pop up and you should see a Preferences button you can click on.

 From this screen you then click on Advanced

Here you will click on Print in Grayscale and a drop down menu will appear and you can click on Black Ink Only, therefore you will only print in black ink which is a lot cheaper to replace than color ink.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Homeland Match-ups 5/18-5/24

I am going to do all the 10/$10 sale at the end so it doesn't get confusing I usually do it page by page according to the ad.

Meat Coupons:
Pilgrim's Pride

On Cor Salisbury Steaks 28oz $1.99(These are normally $2.18 at Wal-mart)
-Coupon $0.30/1 3/6 RP

Borden Cheese Singles, Shredded, or Natural Cheese Slices 2/$4
-Coupon from Homeland Fundraiser Book $1/2

Best Choice Grade A $0.99
-Rain Checks $0.50/1

Zyrtec 30ct-$14.99

Atkins Shakes 4pk $3.99

Atkins Bars $4.99

Ivory, Safeguard, or Zest bar Soap 3/4ct $1.99
-Coupon for $1/1 5/1 P&G IVORY
-Coupon for $1/1 Zest 5/1 P&G

Prilosec 14ct $10.49
-$1/1 from 5/1 P&G

Kellogg's Cereals 11.4-20z Select varieties $2.99
-$1/2 Raisin Bran
-$1/2 Special K 5/1 RP

Maxwell House Wake-up Roast Coffee 34.5oz $6.99
-$0.75/1  4/17 SS

Lay's, Cheetos, Fritos 2/$5
-FREE Sierra Mist wyb Lay's Kettle Cooked (If included in sale)
=$2.50/1 + 1 FREE Sierra Mist

12pk Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper 3/$9.99
-$1/1 Any Coca Cola Product (Recycle Bank 75pts) (If you don't already have this coupon it might not make it before the sale is over)
=3/$8.99 (They are not suppose to double pop coupons)

Eckrich Smoked Sausage $2.89
-$1/1 DND 5/15 SS

Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Or Cooked Links or Patties $2.99
-$0.55/1 Sausage Rolls

State Fair Corn Dogs 8-16oz $2.99
-$1/1 Very cute way to get a coupon! You'll get a laugh

10 for $10 Sale-You don't have to get all 10 to get the $10 each item is $1.00

Michelina's Entrees Select varieties $10/10

Tony's Crispy Crust or Pizza for one $10/10
-$0.50/3 5/15 SS=$2.00/3

Fuze Singles, Vitamin Water, Smart Water $10/10
-$1/2 4/10 SS

Edy's Shakes or Smoothies $10/10
-$1.00/2 4/17 RP

Red Gold Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce $10/10
-$0.50/2 (This was a printable that is no longer available)
-$1/4 Homeland Coupon Book

Crescent Rolls, Grands! Jr, Cinnamon Rolls $10/10
-$0.40/2 4/17 SS  There are coupons for various amounts for these be sure to check your binders etc

Totino's Pizza Rolls $10/10
-$1.00/2 (These were on select Totino's Pizza Boxes a few weeks ago)
*These are normally $2.25 each at Homeland*

Mt. Olive Sweet Relish 10oz $10/10
-$0.50/1 4/17 SS

Dawn or Joy Dish Detergent $10/10
-$0.25/1 5/1 P&G

Super quick Wal-mart and busy day

So this morning my husband made a dentist appointment to have his tooth that chipped off looked at.       So we rushed to Claremore, had issues finding the place but finally did.  After 2 hours he has 1 tooth removed and can only eat cold food. So he says instant potatoes and applesauce.  Already knowing I need to go to the store for a few other things I am thinking on the way home what I have coupons for.

When we got home I got things organized and went to Wal-mart

3-CapNCrunch (Normally $2.50) Price Matched Walgreens for $1.75
Coupon for $0.50/1x3
4-Instant Potatoes $1.24
1-6pk applesauce $1.50
2-Calidad Chips $1.50
2-Loaves of Bread $1.18
2-Half Gallon 2% Milk (Normally $2.27) Price Matched Walgreens for $1.59

Right off the top with just price matching I saved: $5.11
Altogether I saved: $6.61 =25% Savings

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recycle Bank

I registered on this website around Earth Day that I heard about. You could earn points and trade them in for awesome coupons, so I decided to try it out for myself.  I discovered Recyclebank.com where I participated in their Green Your Home challenge where they opened a room and you could click on different things inside the room and learn how to become more green for the environment.

After commiting to some other ways to becoming more green I had enough points to redeem them for the two Coca-cola coupons you see in the above picture.  A Buy One Get One Free on 2-liters & a Save $1 on ANY size coca-cola product OR package. Those are pretty sweet for not having to pay anything and all I had to do was click stuff and learn about doing things that benefit the Earth and save me money in some ways.  They have continued the campaigns after Earth Day and have added more rewards!  So keep checkig back if you already have an account on there and if you don't WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Last Night's Dinner and Dessert and Aftermath

Last night I decided to make a different dessert than the cookies I've been making and I knew I had the Pumpkin Bread in the cabinet, so guess what I made?  I have tried making the apple bread equivalent to this and failed miserably multiple times so I guess it's this box version I get to stick too!

I was trying to find something easy and quick to cook for dinner and came up with my newly loved pizza rendition. 

 It's just a tortilla, marina sauce and cheese.  Now you can add whatever you normally eat on your pizzas but this was for the kids and I wanted to keep it as least messy as possible. 

So roughly: For 8 servings
1pack tortillas-$3.00 (for 8 small)
1bag cheese-$2.50
1jar of Great Value Marinara-$1.00
So 8 or more servings depending on how much cheese and marinara you like costs about $6. That's cheaper than most meals for 1 person at McDonalds!

                        Alex discovered he could play in it of course!

Guess Katherine had to inspect it before she ate it.

 And for the after-play all full and ready to rumble, well in the case say "Hyah Daddy HYAH!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Comic-Con Visitors

Thought this was pretty cool, just like them on FB and you can win a trip to Comic-Con!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love my late night shopping trips.

I love not having to deal with lots of people in the isles and actually being able to LOOK at items instead of being rushed to get out of the way.  The only bad part is at Walmart they tend to have the slowest cashier(notice I said cashier not in the plural sense). I really don't feel like literally waiting 30 minutes to do a ad match so I tend to save those til later in the week.  I went to my local grocery store Homeland and Walmart tonight and hit the recycle machine I've been dying to try out.

1-Dole Parfait 4pk $3.29 (Coupon for $0.75)=$1.79
3- Sandies Cookies $1.99 (These were cheaper than Wal-mart)
3-Totino's Pizza $1.59 (Coupon for $0.50/3)=$3.77
2-Totinos Pizza Rolls $2.25 (Coupon $1.00/2)=$2.50
2-Trix Yogurt BOGO Free $2.99/2 (Coupon for $0.75/2)=$1.49 (They are $2.50EACH at my Walmart)
2-Best Choice Shredded Cheese 2/$4 (Coupon $1/2)=$2.00
4-Tuscan Blend Frozen Veggies $1.79=$7.16
After Coupons: $25.76    50% Savings


10-Vitamin Water $1.00=$10.00
2-Bar S Hotdogs $1.00=$2.00 (I miss the coupon for these badly!)
1-Bar S Bologna $1.34-$1.34
1-Head&Shoulders Travel Size $0.97 (Coupon for $2/1 from P&G Booklet)=+1.03 overage
3-Carl Buddig Lunchmeat $0.58=$1.74
1-Bananas@ $0.54/lb=$1.34
1-Sandwich Keeper $1.00=$1.00
1-Luvs $6.97 (Coupon for $1.00/1)=$5.97
1-JMS Shirt on Clearance $5.00 (Coupon from All You May $5.00/1)=FREE
Total: $33.15
After Coupons: $25.15  24% Savings

This is the card from the recycling machine outside of Homeland!  Husband just happened to have a bottle and a can in there for me to try it out.

You get one of these cards from the machine and scan it to begin, then put in email, username, password, birthday etc and scan any items if you have them.

Since I've been home I am able to check the website to redeem the points. As you can tell I only turned in 2 things and earned 10points already!

Now from the website you can get items like:(Offers vary by location)
  • 100pts Enjoy one complimentary Oven Baked Sandwich with purchase of any Large Pizza at menu price at Dominos.com.
  • 100pts Rack Room Shoes $5 OFF any purchase of $40 or more with this coupon.
  • 45,000pts HP Photosmart Plus All in One Wireless Printer(Is that not cool!)
  • 425,000pts HP All in One PC 
There's more rewards and I'm sure they add to it all the time.

So over all a good shopping experience but hoping I won't have to go back out til 2 weeks from now but we all know there's those late night trips to the store for milk...which by the way has even gone up at the local grocery store.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Homeland Match-up 5/11-5/17

Now I discovered last week that the ad I get early in the mail differs slightly with items on sale than the one that comes in the mail on Tuesdays with the junk mail which is the one they have at the store itself.

In instances where there is a BOGO free sale the items will ring up at half price when checking out so you can buy just the 1 if you want.

Pilgrim's Pride Drumsticks or Thighs BOGO Free
-$1.00/1  This coupon does say DND in small print so be aware and prepare for it not to just in case.

General Mills Super Size Cereals 24-25..25oz BOGO Free $5.49/2
-$0.55/1  Honey Nut Cheerios or Trix
= $1.65/1

Hormel Pepperoni 5-8oz $6/2
-$0.35/1 5/8 SS

El Monterey Taquitos $5.49
-$2/2   Like the FB page
-$1/1  5/1 SS

Advance Fast Fixin' Value Bags $4.99
-$1/1  All You March Magazine

Healthy Choice Natural Entrees or Lunch Steamers $4/2
-$1/1 All You May Issue (For Steaming Entrees)
=Free/1 If coupon doubles

Best Choice Shredded Cheese $4/2
-$1/2 Homeland Coupon Book

Ensure 4-6pk $6.99
-$2/1 5/1 SS
-$3/1 High Protein

Zyrtec 30ct $15.99
-$4/1 5/1 RP

Zegerid OTC $7.99

Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner $2.79
-$0.50/1 5/1 P&G
=$1.79 (Cheaper than Walmart)

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion  $2.99

Bic Soleil or Soleil Bella Razors 3-6ct $4.99
-$3/1 5/1 SS
=$1.99 (Think these are cheaper than walmart)

Post Great Grains or Select Cereals $3.29
-$1/1 4/3 SS  (This expires 5/15)

Lay's Kettle Cooked, Cheetos, Fritos, Canned Dips $5/2
-$2/2 (For Kettle Cooked only in this sale)

Fuze or SmartWater $10/10
-$1/2 4/10 SS

Nestle Pure Life Water 24pk $3.99

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce Original BOGO Free 2/$2.19 basically or $1.09ea
-$0.50/1 3/13 SS (Expires 5/15)
=$0.09/1 or use 2 of those coupons and get 2/$0.68  (The second coupon won't double)

Yoplait Trix Multi-pack Yogurt 2/$2.99 or 1/$1.50
-$1/2 4/17 SS
=$0.99/2 (Awesome deal on these)
-$0.75/2 4/17 SS
=$1.50/2 (Awesome deal on these)  They run about $2.00+ each at my walmart)

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta 2/$2.09
=$0.09/2 (Awesome for pasta if it isn't free cheap is still good right?!)

Old Orchard Juices 2/$2.19
=$2.38/4 (Not sure if they would allow you to get the BOGO free for 2 sets of the item in same transaction)

Tabasco Hot Sauce 2/$1.75
-$0.50/1 5/1 RP
=$0.75/2 or use 2 of the coupons and get 2/$0.25

Kool-aid Packs 2/$0.25
-B2G1 Free 3/13 SS
= $0.25/3

Crest 4.6oz 2/$2.69
-$1/1 5/1 P&G

Maybe I am missing something but this ad just isn't awesome to me at all.....  I may pick up a few things like the Trix yogurt and some meat but that's it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Wal-mart Ad matching experience and total

Now I didn't go wacko with it, just priced matched 2 things but was overall a pleasant experience and not a pain like I've been here some places.  I did only save 17% but I got a lot of higher prices stuff grocery wise.

2-Lay's 22ct Chips-$6.48
-Price Matched Dollar General for $6.00ea
-Coupon from 5/1 for $2.00/2
=$10.00/44ct chips
10-Vitamin Water-$1.00ea
(These are normally $1.18 at my walmart)
2-Breakfast Pack Cereals 8ct-$2.98ea
-Coupon for $1.00/1 (I used 2)
1-Captain Crunch Cereal-$2.48
-Coupon $0.50/1
1-Starkist Tuna-$1.98
1-Big can Cream of Chicken $2.00
4-can of hot dog chili $0.50ea
2-Mahatma Rice 1lb $1.34ea
-Coupon for $0.50/1
=$1.68/2lbs rice
2-Mio Flavor Enhancer $3.68
-Price Matched for $4/2 at Drug Warehouse
-Coupon for $1.00/1
2-Bags of frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts $6.98ea
1-Bananas $0.54/lb

Total: $52.90

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gift Idea- Adorable!

As Seen On TV Happy Nappers - The Perfect Play Pillow! Easily Reverses to Your 21" Play Pal. Only $19.99 + S&H. Great for traveling, playing & Happy Napping! 

Finally something besides the Pillow Pets, ugh that song is stuck in my head after every commercial 

Monday, May 2, 2011

New coupons over on Coupons.com

There are now new coupons over on www.coupons.com

Food & Beverage:

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Fresh Gourmet Tuna Bites and Salmon Bites
$1.50 OFF 1 Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrée (excludes Wanchai Ferry Dry Dinner Kit)
$1.00 OFF 1 package of VELVEETA Spicy Buffalo Loaf
$1.00 OFF 1 Magnum Ice Cream
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Toys and Games:

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A break from the normal

Well Saturday I was asked by a dear friend to do some photos for her.  Keep in mind I am not a professional nor do I claim to be but I think I did pretty well. I loved her camera, it had an awesome zoom compared to my simple 2x or whatever it is Cannon. Her was also a Cannon and I may just be putting it on my birthday list(Bday is July 14th *hint hint*)

Now see these photos were edited using FREE programs and are amazing in my opinion.  Now my friend has told me she paid $100 for her last photoshoot, and how much did this one cost her you ask....nothing I wanted to try my hand at photography and she wanted some pictures.  Overall we took over 200 pictures these are just the ones I edited so far...I'm not a huge fan of editing images to death either, the more natural the better.